Implants for $2500 ( not including bone graft and sinus lifting)

We provide high-quality dental implants for patients who are missing teeth and want an advanced, permanent solution.  For the implants procedure, our specialist will place a titanium post, which is biocompativle material, in the missing tooth space. This post will be intergrated with the uper or lower jaw bone and act as the root of the tooth. Later we will place the crown on the post and you will have the permanent replacement for the missing tooth. The post and the crown are only $2500 with our ..

Zoom whitening for $399.99 with $50 rebate

If you have a couple of hours to spare, visit our office for a powerful one-visit teeth whitening procedure. While we are whitening your teeth,  you can watch TV and relax.  Before you know, you will be showing off your dazzling new smile. With our special, zoom whitening is $399.99 with $50 rebate.    

Sedation for kids

re you and/or your kids feaful of dental treatments? We provide different kinds of sedation for you and your children. -Nitrous Oxide: Nitrous Oxide, also called "lauging gas," is a light form of sedation. When inhaling the nitrous oxide, patients feel a sense of relaxation. It is a great way to take the edge off when patients feel anxious or fearful. - Intravenous (IV) sedation: For pediatric patients, performing multiple-appointment, invasive care can be a management disaster, even with nitrous..

20% discount for cash patients

If you do not have dental insurance, you can have a benefit from our cash special program. We will give 20% discout on your procedure!!!

Comprehensive exam and x-ray for $59.99

If you live in the Norcross area and are looking for the general dentist for you and your family, then Happy Smiles Family Dentistry is the ideal option for you. Our family-oriented practice is denticated to providing general dentistry to patients of all ages. With our special, you exam and x-ray are only $59.99 (reg. price $175.00).